Executive Head: Mr Newman

Welcome to the Forest Hill Partnership

Forest Hill provides a stable and sustainable model for school led improvement, a learning community for staff and pupils alongside increased opportunities and enrichment for all resulting in our Achieving Excellence Together.

The Forest Hill partnership is the federation of Kings’ Forest Primary School and Staple Hill Primary School under a single governing body and executive leader. Our schools serve two different communities providing primary education to children in South Gloucestershire and Bristol. Although the schools are led by one governing body and executive leader each school retains its own Headteacher and leadership team, separate inspections under OFSTED and separate budgets. Both schools are local authority managed schools.

The aim of our federation is to use collaboration as a tool for continuous improvement and support so that our schools can be the best that they can.

This site contains key information and policies which relate to the leadership of the federation. For more information on each school please visit their individual websites.

Kings’ Forest Primary School

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Kings’ Forest is a 15 class, two form entry (60 pupils in each year group) primary school in Kingswood, Bristol. Every year group has two classes of 30 pupils. It opened in 2008 following the amalgamation of Deerswood and Falconride schools into a new build single school on the Deerswood site. In 2019 Little Forest a 26 place nursery class opened as part of Kings’ Forest.

Staple Hill Primary School

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Staple Hill Primary is an 11 class, form and a half entry (45 pupils in each year group) primary school in Staple Hill, Bristol. The school has two straight Reception classes one with 22 children and the other with 23 children. The rest of the school is split into phases with two straight year group classes and a mixed year group class, all children are in a mixed year group class every other year throughout the school.

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