Executive Head: Mr Newman


Through teachers, support staff and leaders learning together, working in partnership and sharing best practice a learning community will be created. The learning community will enable all children to benefit from the best ideas, the best teaching and the best resources from both schools. Joint working and the sharing of costs allows for greater opportunities for high quality training for all staff from Newly Qualified teachers to the most experienced to our site teams.

The learning community will allow for teachers to share ideas, innovate and jointly plan our curriculum. This will open up the opportunities for children to work on joint projects together, provide additional opportunities for sports and the arts broadening and enriching our curriculum.

Working in partnership will provide stability and sustainability through the retention of the best staff by providing the best training packages and the opening up of additional cross school opportunities such as shadowing and secondments as well as being an attractive option to new recruits.

Each school is unique and has its own distinct character and ethos and we believe that this is how it should be and how it should remain. Underpinned by a shared set of core values the leadership structure and governor structures are designed to safeguard, develop and promote that uniqueness.

Forest Hill will provide a stable and sustainable model for school led improvement, a learning community for staff and pupils alongside increased opportunities and enrichment for all resulting in our Achieving Excellence Together.